SUPER SOUND THEATER: MARS RED is a sound theatre project stage play written by Bun-O Fujisawa. It had several showings at the Maihama Amphitheater in the Tokyo Disney Resort of Japan.


According to Bun-O Fujisawa, MARS RED has been his original works for a long time. They felt the story was so magnificent and became unsure which media medium to use to adapt it. "The darkness of the imperial capital, the flying vampires, and the speed of light battle." In order to bring these elements to life in Hollywood, a high-budget production would be needed.

Instead, the creator decided to bring the experience to a large-scale stage play. Bun-O Fujisawa instants that their group can assure fans with breathtaking moments and thrilling experiences on stage all tied together with a flashy production.[1]

Two years following this announcement MARS Red had its first showings on September 26th and 27th of 2015.[2]


  • Original / Screenplay / Director: Bun'o Fujisawa
  • Music Director: Yusaku Tsuchiya
  • Stage Director: Daisuke Kuroda (Create Osaka)
  • Lighting: Yoshiaki Kubo (Edison Lighthouse)
  • Sound: Hideo Sato (SC Alliance)
    • Daisuke Shinbori (Epiculus)
  • Art: Akira Kumano / Kazutaka Ikumi (Japan Stage)
  • Special Effect: Yoichiro Kojima (Nuggets)
  • Special Art: Yoshihiko Tanaka (Atelier Chaos)
  • Instrument: Shigekazu Akagi (Sanphonics)
  • Hair Makeup: MAMI
  • Costume: Ryoko Ono
  • Illustration: General Cat (digmeout)
  • Website Produced by: Ryo Iikawa, Yukiya Hashimoto, Sachiko Yamada (Blue Giraffe)
  • Photo: Yutaka Nakamura
  • Production cooperation: Kazumi Fujino (Office, REN)
  • Cooperation: Asatu Di Kay
    • Disc Garage
    • 802 Media Works
    • digmeout
  • Assistant Producer Design: Tetsuji Fujino ( Ahaba Music Studio)
  • Executive Producer: Terukazu Aoki (Ahaba Music Studio)
  • Production: Ahaba Music Studio
  • Organizer: MARS RED Production Executive Committee


In the Taisho Period, Japan is modernizing. Four men have been infected with a virus that transforms them into vampires. The Japanese government pays close attention to the four victims and decides to incorporate them into the "Army Kong Iron Soldier Plan". However, they turn out to be vampires that have more drawbacks than strengths. They patrol the night of the Imperial City while compensating for such shortcomings with advancing Japanese technology and diligence.[3]


  • Shutaro Kurusu: Imperial Japanese Army soldier and a A-Class vampire.
  • Tokuichi Yamagami: Imperial Japanese Amry Major and unranked vampire.
  • Takeuchi: Imperial Japanese Army Chief and Code Zero Science and Technology Division Chief. D-class vampire.
  • Suwa: Imperial Japanese Army Corporal and C-class vampire.
  • Yoshinobu Maeda: Human Imperial Japanese Army Lieutenant Colonel.


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