Shutaro Kurusu (栗栖 秀太郎, Kurusu Shutaro?) is the primary protagonist of the Mars Red series. He is an A-class vampire and rookie soldier of the Imperial Army of the Empire Japan. As a vampire, Shutaro is a member of the Code Zero squad of the Kongo Iron Soldier Plan.


Stage Play

Shutaro is 25 years old at the age of infection. Due to his status as one infected with the vampire virus, Shutaro becomes the most important person in the Kongo Iron Soldier Plan, the cornerstone of Japan's diplomatic strategy.

Shutaro was originally a wholesaler in Nihonbashi with his parents. He grew up well and doesn't have the appearance of a soldier. Due to this, his minse is different than that of his fellow soldiers. His stigmata (bit mark) is located on the side of his neck.





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