Suwa (スワ, Suwa) is a character in the Mars Red series. He is a Corporal of the Imperial Japanese Army and a C-class vampire who has lived since before the Edo period.


Stage Play

Infected sometime during the Azuchi-Momoyama period while age 14-16. Suwa has little memory of being human and chose his own name following his infection. He named himself Suwa because his only memories left as a human was when he was playing by the Suwa shrine as a child. Suwa lived through the wild era and has to suppress his instincts using a mask that hides the odor of blood. He has eleven stigmata on his body and is known as the vampire who hates vampires.


He is a young but experienced person who has worked for a long time. He has white hair and he wears a mask in order to prevent his uncontrolled instinct as a vampire to become out of control due to blood. He wears a whole black outfit with a touch of red as his inner cloth.


He is known for hating vampire even if he is also one himself.



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