Vampires (ヴァンパイア Vanpaia?) are a species of humans that have been infected with the vampire virus.


Vampires entered Japan from Europe in the Asuka Period. The closed society of Japan at the time quickly discovered and exterminated them before they became active. They were enshrined and become legends of yokai and demons that are still handed down to this day.

Old vampires are proud and flexible while new vampires are looked down on for working with the government. Two major things in the modern era have affected vampire society. The first is the establishment of a family registration system and the second is blood transfusion technology. This changed the lives of vampires forever, so the older generation calls the new ones "abominations".


It is difficult to tell a vampire from a normal human. When a human is bitten and infected with the virus, they develop a unique pattern around the bite mark called a Stigamata (スティグマータ Sutigumāta?), and are recognized as a symbol of pride for vampires.

Vampire children who pretend to be orphans and seek to be adopted into families who have lost their children are called Parasites and the victims are called Hosts. They specialize in controlling the human mind and parasitizing the adulting.


  1. Delicate sense of smell that interferes with daily life.
  2. Cannot live without drinking blood.
  3. Sensitive to ultraviolet rays.
  4. Every general vampire superstition.
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