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Yoshinobu Maeda (前田 義信, Maeda Yoshinobu?) is a character in the Mars Red series. He is the Captain of Code Zero and the “most powerful human”.


Stage Play

Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Police of the Imperial Japanese Army. Later, he became a colonel of the military police. He is Tokuichi Yamagami's classmate and is a "human" on the elite road. He is so young in appearance that it is hard to believe he is Yamagami's classmate, and has a tall, muscular body. He is a heavy smoker. He has been on bad terms with Yamagami since their time at the Military Academy. He is quite a douchebag, and since Yamagami became infected, harassing him has become a hobby of his. He is the picture of calm and collected. He looks up to Lieutenant General Sonosuke Nakajima, who raised him, as if he were his own brother, and he has entrusted him with the Vajra Iron Troops Project. He has also been saved many times on the battlefield by Lieutenant General Nakajima.


Maeda is a tall man who is fairly well built with hard and fine features with brown hair that is combed quite neatly with a few hair strands hanging on the right side, brown eyes and he has a rather closed gaze.

He is also missing his right arm due to cutting it off from a vampire bite.


firm, silent and not very expressive

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  • The name Yoshinobu means "righteous" (義) (yoshi) and "trust, believe" (信) (nobu).
  • Yoshinobu's surname Maeda means "previous/previously, before, earlier, in front, former, above, one-time, fore part/privy parts/privates, miss, presence, portion, for, since" (前) (mae) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


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